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Winter Art and Activities

Children trace their winter boots on pieces of paper and will color them. 
Children will have the opportunity to decide the correct color to use for 
coloring their own

Chalk drawings
Children use black construction paper and white chalk to draw  winter scenes.

Winter Wonderlands

Corrugated cardboard, cut into 5"-6" squares (1 per child), Ivory Snow detergent, Small plastic deer figurines 
(3 per child), Pinecones (3 or 4 per child). 
Mix the Ivory Snow with water and beat it with mixer. Let each child spread it over the entire cardboard and then allow
them to put the pinecones on, upside down. Then children will add the deer figurines. When completed, add signs to
indicate "(Child's Name) Winter Wonderland".

Winter Trees
Green construction paper,  Epsom Salts, water, paint (optional evergreen shapes pre-cut if children need them)
Using green construction paper, children cut out an evergreen tree shape. (use pre-cut if necessary)
Mix Epsom salts and water. The children paint the mixture onto the trees. The result is that the trees will look frosted
and glistening when they dry.

Circle Snowpeople
White paper circles in 3 sizes, crayons, markers, pencil crayons etc., large blue construction paper for backgrounds
Children will place the 3 circles to create the Snowpeople - largest on bottom, medium in middle and smallest on top. 
Children draw on faces, hats, arm, buttons, etc. to complete the Snowpeople. Read the stories Snow Lion and 
Snow Woman
to explain to the children that there are not only Snowmen.

Shimmering Icicles
On dark painted paper, children will use use plastic forks to paint white streaks down the paper. Add some silver glitter
while paint is still wet. This will look like shimmering icicles.

Stencil Snowman
Make a large snowman stencil, from cardboard. Let children sponge paint, with white paint to make the snowman. 
Lift up the stencil and let them use their fingerprints to make white snowflakes all over the picture. This makes a nice
collaborative activity and display.

Winter Scenes
Children will find small twigs to use as trees. 
*Use the opportunity to go outside on an excursion to look for twigs if possible.
Glue the twigs to paper. Glue cotton to the bottom of the paper. Hole punch white paper, for white dots. 
Let children glue them on as snowflakes.

Cotton Ball Snowpeople
Trace three circles onto white paper. Let the child cut these out, or assist.  Children will then glue cotton balls onto the 
circles. Use the squeeze glue or if children cannot manage this, let the children dip the cotton balls into the glue. 
Children will make make paper hats, eyes, nose, arms and scarf to decorate the Snowperson. 
Attach with fasteners for movement. 

Snow Scenes
Salt and white glue make a great snow scene. Children may want circles drawn to make the shape of a Snowperson. 
Then they can fill in the circles. Children would also enjoy creating their own Snowpeople and putting dots of snow in
the picture. Finally, children are given a container filled with salt to sprinkle on the glue. It looks best on light blue paper. 


What to paint with:
Paint with pine tree branches.
Paint with pinecones.
Paint with cotton balls.
Paint with snowballs and dry tempera paints.
Make ice cubes with food coloring and paint with the colored ice cubes.

Puffy Paint for Textured Snow
Place equal parts glue and shaving cream in small paper cups (one for each child). Have the child vigorously stir the 
mixture with a popsicle stick. Then have the children paint their snow scenes with the popsicle stick. Sprinkle with 
clear or silver glitter after they're done painting. The paint will dry puffy. The next day, they can add more details with
paint or other art materials.

Painting On Snow
Watercolors, tempera paint or food coloring mixed with water, brushes, paint containers, snow
Pour paint into containers suitable for use outdoors.
Take the children outside when the snow is a few inches deep. Allow them to freely explore the effects of paint on 
snow, using both small and large brushes. The colors will spread as the paint touches the snow. Encourage children
to create splashed colors with wide, sweeping movements or to make snow sculptures and paint them. The snow
will hold the paint cans and brushes firmly in place.

Snow Color Squirts
Foodcolor, Water, Spraybottles
Fill empty plastic squeeze bottles with water and different colors of food coloring. Let the children squirt the colors
onto the snow. Children will enjoy watching as the snow becomes a rainbow of colors. The next day, examine the snow
to observe the melting process


Paper Snowflakes
Fold white paper in , and then in again, keeping the folded edges together. Then fold over into a triangle. Cut an arc
or design on the outside edges (this gives the shape of the snowflake) then cut triangles or designs into the folded edges.

Texture Snowflakes
Use Honeycomb cereal and glue it onto blue paper.

Glue Snowflakes 
Squeeze white glue, wax paper, glitter. 
First, children draw a snowflake onto the wax paper to the best of their abilities.  Then, children squeeze glue over the design.
If child's hand is not strong enough, provide hand over hand assistance.  Let them sprinkle or pour glitter over their snowflake.
Let it dry. Then gently peel from the wax paper. Hang snowflakes around the room and children will have a winter snowflake

Snowflake Jars  
Baby food jars, sparkling glitter, snowflake confetti/pieces, water. 

Let children place everything in the jar. Then an adult hot glues the lid's rim and places it onto the jar. 
Children will have their own snowflake shakers.


Paper Plate Penguins
Regular size and small size paper plates, black and orange construction paper, glue.
The regular size paper plate will be the body, the small size paper plate will be the face. 
You will need to precut these items: 
triangular beak and flippers from orange 
wings, stomach middle, head patch, and eyes from black
Glue together.

Egg Carton Penguins
Egg carton cups(2 per penguin), orange and black construction paper, white paint, wiggly eyes, and glue.
Precut the orange flippers and beak; and the black stomach middle, wings, and head patch. First, paint the two egg cups white,
and let dry. Next, glue the two cups on top of each other mouth of cup to mouth of cup. Then glue on wings to the side, head
patch on top of head, and stomach middle. Then glue on wiggly eyes and beak.

Penguin Hands
Trace one hand on black paper and cut out. Cut out a white igloo piece and stomach middle. Take a piece of blue paper and
paint on "snow" on the bottom of the paper. Glue igloo in the background and black hand on the snow. Then glue on the white
stomach middle on the penguins body. Then add an orange construction paper beak and wiggly eyes.

Penguin Fishing
Make a blackline master of a penguin and trace onto black paper and precut. Then have students glue on a white stomach middle.
Add wiggly eyes and orange beak. Then the fun part. Let the children glue on Pepperidge farm goldfish crackers onto his stomach
middle. This helps the kids see what penguins eat!!


Read The Mitten - A Ukrainian Folktale by Jan Brett
Jan Brett's Home Page is located at:
There are excellent activity suggestions to accompany the book. See our Winter/Snow Books link.

Mitten Time
Cut mitten shapes from construction paper or wallpaper and have children lace around the edges. You can also have them lace the
mittens together. Or make matching mittens and attach with a long string that you can make into a bulletin board "Where's the
matching mitten" and you mix them all up, with the strings all tangled! This is especially cute if you use the children's hands to
trace for the mitten shape, first.

Mitten Match
Use real mittens. Hang a clothesline with spring loaded clothespins between two chairs. Clip one mitten from each pair onto the clothesline. Put the mitten mates in a bag. Hold up the bag. Have a child come up and pull one mitten out of the bag. Have the child look at the mittens hanging on the clothesline and find the mitten that matches the one that he/she is holding. Have him/her clip it next to the matching one. Continue until all the mittens have been matched.

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