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Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech or Toast

It is truly wonderful to see family and friends gathered in honor of Jason and Jennifer.
I know that many of you traveled great distances to be with us and I am certain that I speak for 
Jason and Jennifer in saying how much your attendance is appreciated.
(I think it’s important to mention this at the beginning, of the speech as you welcome guests
since you had indicated that you are hosting this wedding

As I considered what to say today many thoughts came to my mind…I was overwhelmed with emotion
as I prepared these words…no, not simply because Robert and I will finally have the house to ourselves!
Although that's a fact...


Robert assured me that he was providing me with an opportunity to speak for him and that I should 
be forever grateful.
(some humor like this would be appropriate I believe, since you seemed to 
indicate that people who know your husband will understand that he will not be speaking

Jason, your father and I want you to know how thankful we are for you… 
You are a true blessing in our lives. I remember...


...your athletic ability and your passion for sports (which, of course, you inherited from your mother)...
you put your heart into all that you do, Jason…your father and I have always known that about you…
your love of sports has provided you with many opportunities – 
the most wonderful one, of course, was meeting Jenn…
(isn’t it wonderful Jason, that you didn’t listen to your mother who asked you why you would be 
undertaking to coach a ladies football team when you were already so busy?)
That was one time that even I agree, it was best NOT to listen to your mother)


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