Valentine's Day Activities from Songs 4 Teachers
for Kindergarten to Third Grade

Potato Print Valentines
Cut a potato in half and cut a heart shape on one end of the cut ends. Paint the heart shape red and press it onto white paper. 
Children can make all different pictures from the "Valentine Potatoes".

Valentine Fish
Each child will need one very large heart, one large heart, three middle sized hearts, and one little one. The very large heart 
becomes the body. The large heart becomes the tail. The middle sized hearts become the fins on top of the very large heart. 
The little heart becomes the lips of the fish. These "Valentine Fish" make a great  classroom display. 

Heart Prints
Pour white vinegar into small bowls. You will need brushes, pieces of white construction paper and small heart shapes from red
tissue paper. Children will use the paint brushes to brush vinegar on their white construction papers. Then students will cover 
their white papers papers with the red tissue paper hearts. As the white paper dries, the hearts will fall off leaving red heart prints.

Translucent Hearts
Cut a large heart shape for each child out of waxed paper. Pour vegetable oil into shallow containers and give each child a cotton ball and red tissue paper. The children will tear red tissue paper into small pieces. The students will dip the cotton balls into the oil and brush it over their waxed paper hearts. Then students will place the red tissue pieces all over their wax paper hearts until the heart shapes are covered. 
The oil will help the tissue pieces stick to the hearts while making the red color translucent.

Clay Dough Necklace
Mix a batch of clay dough. Children will shape their dough using cookie cutters. Bake the clay at 225 degrees for 2 hours, rotating during and after baking them. Shellac can be applied when the hearts are finished. 
They make great necklaces.

Heart Sun Catchers
Cut two large hearts out of waxed paper for each child. Make "corn syrup paint" by mixing red food coloring into the corn syrup. 
Give the children old paintbrushes because the mixture is very messy. Children will paint one of the hearts. When they are done painting, children will put the other heart on top of the painted heart. Let the creations dry for a couple of days and then hang them in the window. Make great "sun catchers".

Valentine Placemats

Markers, construction paper (several colours), scissors, sheets of 18 x 12 heavy white paper, large roll of clear plastic adhesive

Draw different-sized hearts onto several coloured sheets of construction paper. Cut them out. Then, arrange the hearts in a pattern on the sheet of white paper. Cut a piece of clear plastic adhesive large enough to cover the paper and overlap along the edges of the placemat. Peel off the adhesive and carefully cover the placemat with it. Tuck the "extra" clear paper onto the underside of the placemat. Placemats are ready to use at the Valentine's Day party or the children can take them home.

Valentine Mailboxes
Ask the children bring shoe boxes, tissue boxes or white bakery boxes from home to decorate for valentine mailboxes. Provide 
markers, scissors and red construction paper and craft items (pompoms, glitter, beads, etc.) Children will decorate and personalize their mailboxes. With an adult's help, children cut "slits" in the tops of their boxes to complete their Valentine Mailboxes.

Heart Puzzle
Cut a large heart from red or pink posterboard. Cut into several pieces, making a puzzle. Place the Heart Puzzle at a Math center or at a Valentine Center.

Circle Time Heart Match Game
Make a Valentine for half the number of children in the group. Cut each heart in half in a zigzag or random fashion, so that each cut is fairly unique and identifiable. Each child is given part of a heart and must find his/her partner by matching the Valentine halves.

"Scent-sational" Valentine Sachet

paper, glue or stapler, cotton balls, perfume

Cut out 2 large hearts the same size. Children will decorate however they want. Spray perfume on cotton balls. Staple or glue 
around edges of hearts, leaving an opening. Stuff the cotton balls inside. Seal the opening. 
A Valentine sachet that is "scent-sational"! Makes a great gift.

Kindness Coupons
Talk to children about kindness and love - make kindness/love coupons for those they love.

Magic Message Hearts
Children will write a secret Valentine message on a white construction paper heart with a white crayon. They will have to press hard. 
Children will exchange construction paper hearts. 
When students have received their heart, they will paint those hearts pink or red. 
A "Magic Message" will appear. A fun activity.

Caring Tree
Place an artificial tree in an area of the classroom. Children will create messages describing what they believe caring means. 
Heart messages are hung from the branches of the tree. 
Sign can be: Our Caring Tree or We Care or
(teacher's name) 2nd Grade Cares
Note: The tree in the classroom is useful for hanging different messages and artwork throughout the year.

Valentine Heart Mobile

yarn (different lengths), wire hangers, construction paper hearts, glitter, markers, stickers

The children will cut out hearts and they can decorate them in any way they wish. 
Use the yarn to attach hearts to wire hanger. Heart Mobiles!

Hanging Valentine - "Our Class Has Heart"
Make 2 huge hearts and allow all the children decorate them. Staple edges together, leaving an opening, and stuff with scrap paper or newspaper. Staple edge completely. Streamers (pink, red, and white) can be attached to the bottom, a string or ribbon on top, and hang them up. All the students print their names on the hearts and there is an instant "Class Heart". 
Sign could read: "Our Class Has Heart!"

Love Is...
Ask children what they think love is. Record each of their responses on a white heart shaped piece of paper, with the caption 
"Love Is…" above it. Let the children mount the white hearts on red construction paper. Doilies and glitter can be used to decorate the "Love Is" hearts even more. These make great gifts.

Heart Design Prints
Each child will need various sizes of heart shapes out of white construction paper folded in half.  The children will lay their hearts out flat and place drops of red, pink, and mauve/purple paint on one half. Then, they fold their hearts and rub the surface with their hands.
When they open their heart shapes they will see the beautiful designs they have created. 
Discuss with the children the patterns that are created on both sides of their Heart Design prints.

Shiny Heart Prints
Give each child a large heart cut from shiny paper and let them use a heart shaped sponge to paint heart prints on the paper.

Heart Lacing
Cut a large red heart shape from posterboard. Punch holes around the perimeter with hole punch. Let children lace yarn through holes.

Broken Hearts
Make several pairs of matching hearts. Cut in zigzag or any shape line. Have children find the matching pairs. Can also do this with a capital letter on one half and a lowercase letter on the other half. Place the Broken Hearts at a Math Centre or at a Valentine Centre.

Class Love Book
As a small group activity, encourage the children think of someone that they love. Students will draw these people on large sheets of construction paper. Bind the collective the art work and make a cover with the title, "Our Class Love Book". 
Display the class "Love Book" in the book or reading area. Visitors will enjoy seeing the collection.

Sparkling Hearts
Cut heart shapes out of heavy paper or construction paper. Paint hearts red, pink, or white. Sprinkle salt on hearts while paint is still wet. Heart will sparkle when dry.

Valentine Gift For Mom and/or Dad
Children can make Valentine gifts for Mom and/or Dad using an inexpensive votive holder. These can be purchased at dollar stores. 
Children use watered-down glue to attach pieces of red, pink, and white tissue paper to the outside of the votive holder. Encourage the children to completely glue down the edges of the tissue paper.
Add a tea light and you have a votive candle.

Valentine Gift For Parents/Guardians
A week or two before you plan to complete this activity, take pictures of each child with his/her arms spread out wide. Have the 
photos developed.
Cut out a red heart from heavy construction paper and a smaller one from a paper lace doily. Glue the photo onto the lace heart doily and the doily onto the red heart. With the words, "I Love You This Much!", you have a cute Valentine's Day card that comes straight from each child's heart.

Valentine Collage - Group Activity
Tear up pink, red, and white paper into little pieces. Cut out a huge heart from posterboard. The children will glue the torn paper all over the heart. Instant collage.

Valentine Counting Book
Use the teacher's Valentine cards to make a counting book, a shape book, color book etc. 
The students will enjoy seeing the card they gave the teacher in this book.

Valentine Wreaths

construction paper, scissors, paper plates, glue, yarn or ribbon

Completed ahead of time:
Cut out different sized hearts from red and pink paper. Make sure there are lots of them and that they are not too big. Then, cut the middle out enough of paper plates so that each child has one. 
Children will glue the hearts all over the plate to make a Valentine wreath. Make bows with some yarn or ribbon.

A Valentine Zoo
Have students cut out hearts in all sizes. This could be used to review small, smaller, smallest, medium, large, larger, and largest. 
When a large collection of hearts has been accumulated by each student, they will create an animal using the heart shapes. Cats, fish, owls, and butterflies are possibilities that can be discussed before the children "create". 
Older children may be able to name their own animal and write something about the creature. For younger students, an opportunity for "buddying" with older students exists with the older student writing about the animal for the younger child.
* If children have access to a computer lab, the "writing" could be completed there, printed and attached to the animal.

Activities are from a variety of sources. Suitable for children in Kindergarten to Third Grade.

*Love Feels
A Valentine Song - Kindergarten to Third Grade

A Million Valentines
A Valentine Poem - Kindergarten to Third Grade

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