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Math Games

Over 450 pages 
of games. 
Great Value!
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Learn How To Make A Difference

Unlock the secrets of successful classroom teaching. Guaranteed or your money back! Plus lots of great 
bonuses too.
$19.95 Buy Now

Interview Tips

Teaching Jobs Can Be Extremely Difficult To Secure. Discover The Insider Secrets To Acing Your Next Teacher Interview!
$29.95 Buy Now

Guide to Getting a Teaching Job eBook

Downloadable ebook with resume and cover letter tips, interview questions and answers and much more.
$19.95 Buy Now

Math Riddle Worksheets eBook

Math practice worksheets that kids will actually enjoy! 
Answer the math problems to decode the answer to a 
funny riddle.
$12.77 Buy Now

Downloadable Math Worksheets

  Math problems are encrypted with a secret symbol code. Kids use the symbol key to decode the numbers in the problem and find the answer.
$12.77 Buy Now

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Songs 4 Teachers Presents Timesavers for Teachers

The Teacher's Binder

This is the world’s largest and most complete collection of often-used, printable, interactive, classroom forms that helps teachers simplify work, personal organization, record keeping and classroom management.



ISBN 0-9689702-0-6
Downloadable PDF File, 265 Pages
File Size: 8.6 MB / 16.5 (interactive)
Price: $27.95 USD
Grades: K - 12

Classroom Awards

Classroom Awards, Certificates and Passes contains 73 colorful and visually attractive pages that make it possible for teachers of all levels to recognize and reward students, without having to design the pages from scratch.
There are two versions to choose from.


ISBN 0-9689702-6-5
Downloadable PDF File, 73 Pages
File Size: 5.45 MB
Price: $15.95 USD

Grades: K - 12

The Essay Writing Kit

Give your students the essay writing help they need! The Essay Writing Kit is a unique interactive tool designed to help organize and make all common essay planning and writing tasks simpler and far less frustrating. The easy to read, uncluttered pages and interactive forms allow students to plan, type, and cut and paste researched information directly onto the actual document pages. Your students will be able to handle and organize essay information in a way that is painless, quick and easy. The Essay Writing Kit is a helpful student resource that guides them, shows them what to do, and teaches them the writing process. The result will be success, and good marks!

ISBN 978-0-9689702-4-9

Downloadable PDF File, 45 Pages
File Size: 1.58 MB
Price: $24.95 USD
Grades: 6 - 12

Math Timesavers

Math Timesavers is a 90 page, quality collection of difficult-to-find, often-used forms, masters and reproducible sheets for your math program. Math Timesavers has them all
(K-8). They are visually attractive, professionally designed and ready for your class. Math Timesavers will help improve personal efficiency, organization, quality of lessons and appearance of your class handouts, forms and worksheets. Don’t re-invent the wheel by creating your own… use Math Timesavers.



ISBN 0-9689702-1-4

Downloadable PDF File, 90 Pages

File Size: 3.5 MB
Price: $14.95 USD
Grades: K - 8

Just Multiply It!

Inability to recall multiplication facts hinders student progress in many areas of the mathematics curriculum. Students risk losing interest in math when frustration becomes overwhelming. Just Multiply It! systematically identifies, records and remedies areas of the multiplication table that have not yet been committed to memory. Teach your students the multiplication facts in a fun, quick, organized, and visually appealing way.


ISBN 0-9689702-1-4
Downloadable PDF File, 81 Pages

File Size: 2.7 MB
Price: $15.95 USD
Grades: 2 - 8

Report Card Comments

Report Card and IEP Comments contains 1830 ready-to-use and easy-to-find report card comments for busy teachers. To make writing of report cards even easier for you, every comment in this book has been ranked and organized according to subject, topic, length and positive or negative nature. Save valuable time by simply inserting student’s name into the comment that best matches level of recorded achievement. All comments are “copy and paste” enabled.


ISBN 0-9689702-7-3
Downloadable PDF File, 180 Pages

File Size: 1.74 MB
Price: $26.95 USD
Grades: K - 12

Spelling Activities

This book equips teachers with a set of printable, visually attractive spelling activities that are ready for immediate use. The practical, printable and easy to use worksheets will help your students identify, correct, record, practice, test and learn how to spell commonly misspelled words. Use one activity at a time, only a few, or all of the sheets together as part of a year long individualized spelling program. Spelling activities systematically help students learn how to spell their misspelled often-used words, subject word lists, or words that have been misspelled through personal writing.



ISBN 978-0-9689702-5-6 
Downloadable PDF File, 71 Pages

File Size: 3.6 MB
Price: $16.95 USD
Grades: 3 - 12

Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit

Organize your substitute teacher instructions in a thorough, detailed and professional manner. This is sure to promote classroom order during your absence. Use forms such as: welcome note, location of important items and information, school timetable, daily schedule and classroom routines, emergency procedures, school and classroom discipline policy, seating charts, special needs student information, class list, student background information, bus students list, daily lesson plans, incident report forms, student anecdotal charts, end of the day feedback and more. Develop clear instructions only once and then use them over and over again! The only updating to be done is the daily lesson plan. Write or type your instructions directly onto each form as there are 2 versions to choose from.


ISBN 0-9689702-2-2
Downloadable PDF File, 55 Pages

File Size: 2.15 MB

Price: $15.95 USD
Grades: K - 12

Just Teach It!

What do you teach near the end of the school year when the weather is hot, students are restless, and summer vacation is desperately anticipated by all? Just Teach It! is a 31 page unit that helps teachers and students end their academic year with a bang. Every student gets to research, prepare and teach their classmates a lesson, skill or an activity that they do well. Clear instructions, well organized information and detailed evaluation sheets are included. Just Teach It! can be used in any grade 3 - 12 classroom where writing, research and oral presentations take place. Students love and engage in activities that let them do what they always want to do - interact, talk, share, and tell others about themselves, their hobbies, interests and abilities.

ISBN 0-9689702-5-7
Downloadable PDF File, 31 Pages

File Size: 1 MB
Price: $11.95 USD
Grades: 3 - 12

1000 Quick Writing Ideas

Motivate your students to begin writing by giving them 1000 writing ideas and prompts! Gone are the days of hearing the familiar, “I can’t think of anything to write!” 1000 Quick Writing Ideas contains 1000 practical journal and creative writing prompts for students who struggle with inventing their own. This teacher resource also includes ready-to-use, reproducible language worksheets and often-used forms for writing.



ISBN 0-9689702-1-4

Downloadable PDF File, 46 Pages
File Size: 1.06 MB
Price: $13.95 USD
Grades: 3 - 12


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