Happy St. Patrick's Day from Songs 4 Teachers

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St. Patrick's Day Activities

Top 'o the Mornin'

Shamrock People


Green construction Paper
Markers or Crayons

Using green construction paper, create shamrock shapes. Children can draw the shamrocks themselves or if the
children are young they will need pre-cut shapes. Children will draw faces on their shamrocks. 
The addition of accordian-folded arms and legs will make these shamrock people dance.
These would make excellent mobiles or bulletin board decorations.

Shamrock Prints

Green Pepper
Green Paint

Cut the pepper in half. Remove all the seeds. Children dip the cross section pieces of the green pepper into  green
paint and use it to create a shamrock print on paper.

Shining Shamrocks

Shamrock shapes are cut out of tag board or heavy construction paper. They are painted green and salt is sprinkled
on them.  The salt will make the shamrocks shine and sparkle when they dry.
These would make excellent St. Patrick's Day mobiles.

Shamrock Potato Prints 

One potato for each child
Paring knife

(Depending on the ages of the children, adult may have to use the knives to create the potato "printers")
Each child will need a potato. Cut the end from the potato. The outline of a shamrock is drawn on the cut end. 
Excess potato is removed so that only the shamrock remains raised on the surface. 
The potato is used like a stamp to decorate paper or create prints cards for St. Patrick's Day.

Hunt for the Leprechaun's Gold

Prior to undertaking this activity:

Children are told about the legend that leprechauns have gold and that they must give up their gold to anyone 
who catches them. (See Ireland Information - The Legend of the Leprechaun)

Adult will spray paint small rocks with gold paint. 
Before children arrive, these "gold nuggets" are hidden around the classroom.

When children arrive, they are told that the leprechaun as discussed in the Legend of the Leprechaun has hidden
his gold around the classroom and they can help him to find it.

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