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  • a collection of 55 songs and poems for kids - great for children in Kindergarten to Third Grade 

  • Songs and Poems about: 
    Day Camp, Baseball, At the Beach, Swimming, Camping, Caring for the Earth, 
    Recycling, Rain Forests, Caterpillars, Insects, Snakes, Snails, Kittens, Turtles, 
    Dinosaurs, Special Me, Manners, Safety
    and more!

  • our songs and poems are ready-to-use

  • songs are sung to familiar tunes

  • no music to read, no musical ability required!

  • poems are written from a child's perspective

  • all songs have guitar/autoharp chords above the lyrics

  • many songs and poems are 3 and 4 verses long.

  • Guitar Chord Reference Chart included (there are only 7 chords used for all songs)

  • guaranteed to make you smile

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