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Retirement Parties E-Book

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Retirement Parties E-Book
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Be the Hit of the Retirement Party!

Ready-to-Go Downloadable Teacher Retirement Poems
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I have written more than 400 Personalized 
Teacher and Principal Retirement Poems 
over the past eleven years.

For the first time, I'm offering my premium Teacher Retirement Poems  
to customers. 

I’ve taken the best of what I’ve written and presented those verses in two special 16 verse Teacher Retirement Poems offered at an affordable price.
Poem (A) suitable for an individual to present to a retiree.
Poem (B) suitable for a group to present to a retiree.

My Personalized Teacher Retirement Poems sold for $109.


Delightfully humorous with some serious sentiment, these poems express sincere wishes for your colleague’s retirement. 

Perfect for an individual, Poem (A), or group, Poem (B) to present 
to a colleague who is also a friend. 
Because these poems were written by a former teacher, they have that unique “teacher perspective”. You know what I mean!

Offering many choices in wording, you can select the expressions that best reflect your thoughts. 
I am confident that many of the verses will be able to be used “as is”. However, I have provided alternate verses to enable you to easily personalize your poem in minutes, making it heartfelt and sincere.

These Teacher Retirement Poems are yours to customize to suit your needs. 
You might want to consider printing it and framing it for the retiree. 
I know it will be a treasured keepsake.

One 16 verse Teacher Retirement Poem (A or B)

Poem is delivered immediately via e-mail

Format: MS Word Document

Use "as is" or customize in minutes

BONUS POEM REVIEW - Ready to present your poem? 
E-Mail me your poem and I'll review it for FREE and make suggestions. 

Sneak Peek...

Phrases/Words Included in your Teacher Retirement Poem:

"Abandonment", "Big Day", "Happy Hour", "Don't slam the door...", "Official Retiree", "Here's to the laughter...", "non-teaching things...", "the journey that brought us here", "devotion", "passion", "embraced each child..." "gift of teaching", "things that will haunt you..." You'll miss...",
"teaching stuff", "glad you're retired", "reflect on your career", "we're all here to prove it", 
"long after the day you retire", "saw their potential", "we'll miss your smile and...", 
"...that you once taught"...
And lots more!

$21.95 (Poem A or B)
Delivered by e-mail 
No waiting!

Lots More Downloadable Poems Coming Soon!

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