Try these activitiesEggshell Collage

Crushed eggshells are colored in advance using food coloring and as many different colors as possible. 
Pastels are logical choices for colors.
Children will draw a pattern outline on a piece of construction paper. 
(Bunnies, Eggs, Chicks, Cross, etc.)
Children will glue the colored, crushed eggshells to the pattern after the dye has dried.

Fluffy Cotton Bunnies
Children will glue cotton balls to a piece of paper in the form of a bunny. For some children, it may
 help to draw a picture of the bunny first.

"Egg-cellent" Easter Critters                                           


Uncooked Egg
Sharp Nail or Large Needle
Paint or Markers
Various Craft Supplies

Wash the eggs well.
Carefully poke a small hole in each end of the raw egg.
Holding the egg over a bowl, blow into one of the holes. The liquid should slowly come out the other hole. 
(depending on the ages of the children they may require supervision/help with this activity)
When the egg shell is empty, rinse it carefully and allow it to dry.
Using various craft supplies such as googly eyes, pom-poms, pieces of material, construction paper, pipe cleaners, etc. 
children decorate eggs to make Easter Critters.

Easter Sponge Prints
Most arts and crafts stores have sponges in various shapes or you can make your own. Using sponges shaped as lambs,
bunnies, ducks, crosses, eggs etc., children will dip the sponges into paint and press on a piece of paper to create an 
Easter scene.

Egg Carton Baby Chicks
Before the activity, create a mixture of baby powder and yellow powdered tempera paint and put the mixture into a plastic 
zip-lock bag. Each child receives one egg cup cut from a cardboard egg carton and two cotton balls. Each child puts the 
two cotton balls into the mixture and shakes for couple of minutes. Cotton balls are carefully taken out of the bag and the
extra powder is carefully tapped off. Children glue their cotton balls in their egg cups, one on top of the other. Children will
add an orange construction paper beak, black construction paper eyes and the Baby Chicks are "hatched".

Bunny Headbands
Create construction paper headbands by measuring childrens' heads and gluing the construction paper together so that the 
headband fits snugly on the child's head but is loose enough to be taken off easily. Using gray construction paper, cut two
ears and then use pink paper for the "inside of the ear". Depending on the age of the children, they may be able to help glue
the pink ear to the gray ear. Then, either staple or glue the ears to the headband. 
Children can wear their bunny ears while they sing an Easter Bunny Song from Songs 4 Teachers

Clothespin Bunnies

Old fashioned style wooden clothes pin (the one piece "peg" style available at most arts and crafts stores)
Paint (pink, white, or light brown tempera are good choices)
Googly eyes (available at most arts and crafts stores)

Children will paint their clothes pins.
When the paint is dry, children will glue the googly eyes to their clothes pins.
When the clothespin is upside down the bunny will have ears.
Note: By adding a simple "pin clip", available at arts and crafts stores, the Clothespin Bunny can become an Easter brooch 
and would make an excellent Easter gift

Simple Easter Eggs
Children will cut out oval shapes from various colors of construction paper. (Provide patterns if necessary)
Children decorate these with paint, markers, glitter, stickers, or any other materials. These eggs make a quick, simple, 
decorative bulletin board display. "Have an Egg-cellent Easter!"

Feather Ducks
Trace a duck shape on a piece of paper. Children will glue different colored feathers onto the duck shape.

Baby Lambs
Trace a lamb shape on a piece of paper. Children will your child glue cotton balls onto the lamb shape.

Juice Can Bunnies

frozen juice cans (glue white paper around)
construction paper ears (white outer and pink inner ears), nose (pink), eyes (or use googly eyes), and feet (white)
cotton balls (for tails)
black construction paper strips for whiskers
tissue paper or Easter grass
Easter goodies

Children glue the rabbit parts onto juice can to create their bunnies.
Easter grass and goodies may be put into the cans for children's Easter treats.

Rabbit Hanger
Draw and cut out a rabbit shape from cardboard. Ears are covered with pieces of pink felt and outlined with glue and cotton balls.
Glue is spread over the rest of the rabbit and it is covered with cotton balls. Use felt to make eyes, a nose and a bow tie or ribbon. 
Glue buttons onto the body and use black yarn to make the mouth. Glue on the mouth. String, pipe cleaner or yarn can be easily
attached to the top of the rabbit for a hanger. Makes a great classroom display.

Fuzzy Creature Pins
Use a large cotton ball and glue on two googly eyes
Bunnies, chicks, ducks, lambs etc. are created by adding paper ears, yarn, whiskers etc. Children can use their imaginations!
Children use safety pins to attach the fuzzy creatures to their clothing.

Paper Bag Bunnies

2 paper lunch bags
felt tip pens
one pink 1 1/2 pom pom
crepe paper or ribbon
white and pink construction paper
white pipe cleaners
cotton balls

Stuff newspapers into one lunch bag until it is completely full. Stuff newspapers into other one but do not fill it up completely. 
This bag will be smaller. Tape the open ends together and place the smaller bag on top for the head. Cut ears out of construction
paper or draw them in. Add pipe cleaner or ribbon whiskers and pom-pom nose. 
Draw bunny feet with along bottom of bag, or make them from construction paper and tape them to the bottom of the bag. 
Add a cotton ball tail. 
Tie crepe paper or ribbon in bowtie around the neck.

Fluffy Bunny Paint

Shaving Cream
White Glue
Food Coloring (or Liquid Tempera)
Margarine Containers (or similar with covers)

Fluffy Paint: Squirt shaving cream into the containers until full. One container for each color.
Squirt in one large amount of white glue into each container.
Stir in small amounts of color until the color is the desired hue.
Fluffy Paint can be stored until needed. Shaving cream stores well.
Children may use any kinds of utensils to paint with. Fun activity and the Fluffy Paint smells wonderful.

Hidden Bunnies

White Paper
White pom-poms or cotton balls

Children each color a white sheet of paper all green. Scribbling to completely cover the white sheet is great.
Children glue on 10-15 1/2" pom poms or pieces of cotton balls randomly on the green paper
The bunnies are "hidden in the grass".

Tuna Can Bunnies
Each child will need a tuna can.
Cover the cans with felt. Cotton balls are glued on for the tail. Use paper, markers etc. to make a face and whiskers.
Cut "ears" out of gray construction paper. Glue on the ears.
These tuna can bunnies can also be used to hold Easter goodies!

Paper Plate Bunny Mask
Using a paper plate, cut out holes for the eyes.
Draw on the nose and add felt strips or yarn for the whiskers.
Draw on a mouth.
Glue on 2 pieces of Chicklets gum for the teeth.
Cut out ears from gray construction paper and  glue them on.
Attach an elastic or yarn to tie around the child's head.

Baskets Full of Eggs
Trace around 2 hands on green construction paper.
Cut the hands out.
Cut out a large basket shape from brown paper.
Cut out four or five egg shapes from colored construction paper. (Or children can draw, color and decorate the eggs using crayons, 
markers, glitter etc.)
Glue the hands(fingers up) as grass behind the eggs and basket on blue paper.
Glue the basket onto larger pieces of blue construction paper.
Glue the eggs into the basket.


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